Valerie Scott

Valerie Scott

As a weightlifter, how I fuel my body affects my performance.  I was looking for some extra help filling the gaps in my nutrition and the Protein Smoothie packs were an excellent gateway to Designer Wellness! I know that I feel my best when I’m giving my body clean energy  - and without the extra sugar! Finding supplements that don’t upset my stomach has always been a challenge, but knowing I can trust Designer to fuel my workouts makes it that much easier to focus on my goals. 

Mixing up a tasty fruit smoothie with Designers Plant based protein is a Summer Time Must!  🍌🍓Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl is a current favorite, but Pecan Pie Bars are next on my list! 😋 

I like to have fun with fitness and I encourage others to find joy in movement! I am one part of a small (but 💪🏾 mighty) team of women working to challenge fitness and nutrition myths. CVG’s mission is helping women lead balanced and healthy lives. Find me on social media and follow my fitness journey!


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