Our Story

Designed For Greatness™

Designer Wellness’s diverse family of protein powders have been crafted in the health-oriented seaside community of Carlsbad, CA for over 25 years. The Designer Whey brand pioneered the start of Designer Wellness’s nutrition revolution. Today, its unparalleled heritage of innovation is stronger than ever.

Our Product


We offer a broad range of protein powders, including The Original Designer Protein®, Collagen powder, an industry-first, egg yolk + white protein powder. We also offer 100% whey and 100% plant based options plus others. These protein powders are designed to support the fitness, weight management, performance and overall wellness goals of active women + men.

Our People


We are a small, but mighty team passionate about supplying + educating the benefits of protein to everyone. The DP family aspires to live a healthy lifestyle from yoga mats to surfboards + gyms to hiking in the mountains – health + wellness is key. We sell protein powders that we use ourselves and that give to our own family + friends.

Our Innovation


We were first company to brand commercially instantized whey protein powder, The Original Designer Protein® for the general consumer marketplace, a forerunner in promoting the removal of artificial ingredients, a pioneer of gluten-free protein powders, an advocate of kosher-certification, and now the first to create a protein that contains the benefits of both egg yolk + egg white.