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Whey-Based Protein Powders

Whey is a complete protein made from milk that’s easily digestible. Designer Whey® takes it to the next level with our premium 100% natural whey protein – free of artificial growth hormones + antibiotics. Whey helps the body refuel, repair + recover.

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100% Plant-Based Protein Powders

Designer Wellness’s plant-based proteins, including our Designer Plant, are a combination of non-GMO pea protein + organic sprouted rice protein. This combination of pea + rice provide the key EAAs not typically found in all plant proteins.

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Egg Protein Powders

Designer Wellness’s Designer Egg is first-to-market in using both egg yolk + egg white protein. It’s a rich source of vitamins B1 + B12 + is packed with BCAAs + EAAs needed for ideal body performance + recovery. Gluten Free and Lactose Free this is a great protein!

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Various Sourced Protein Powders

A blend protein powder is a product that contains more than one type of protein in an effort to provide more nutritional value. Blends offer your body fast-acting, easily absorbed proteins along with slow-release proteins that provide fuel for muscle growth.

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The Challenged Atheles Foundation
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The Challenged Athletes Foundation

It is an incredible honor to be part of such an uplifting and inspiring organization like Challenged Athletes Foundation, who provides opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive athletics. These are the athletes who inspire us to do what we do and motivate us all to meet our athletic potential. That is why ever order placed on Designer Wellness we donate $1 to Challenged Athlete Foundation.

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The Challenged Atheles Foundation The Challenged Athletes Foundation The Challenged Athletes Foundation

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