10 Super Foods to Enhance your Diet

10 Super Foods to Enhance your Diet

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“Let food be thy medicine.” is a famous quote by Hippocrates illustrating the power of foods to cure and prevent disease. Today the term superfoods are used to describe foods that contain nutrients with medicinal properties. In this blog, we’re diving into 10 of the top superfoods and how to incorporate them into your diet.
  1. Strawberries
Soft, sweet, and bright strawberries are sweet morsels packed with vitamin C, anti-oxidants, ellagic acid, and flavonoids.
 Anthocyanin flavonoids have been shown to lower the risk of a heart attack, while quercetin flavonoid has been shown to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. Strawberries' high potassium content can help lower blood pressure, and their high vitamin C content increases antioxidants that help fight against free radicals that can cause cancer.

You can simply snack on strawberries, add them to your Designer Wellness smoothie, top your protein pancakes, or add them to chia seed pudding, oatmeal, cottage cheese, or yogurt. Designer Plant has strawberries in the protein powder—Mix Designer Plant with a cup of strawberries for a superpowered strawberry protein shake.
  1. Chocolate
My favorite superfood right here! Dark chocolate has a rich flavor loved by many, and it is bursting with flavanols that support nitric oxide production in the body. Nitric oxide helps open and relax blood vessels creating greater blood flow protecting the heart from blood damage.  Studies have shown that as little as 6 grams a day of dark chocolate can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and mortality.

On top of that, the high flavanol content of chocolate has been shown to improve memory and reaction time just two hours after consumption. Chocolate flavanols are thought to promote new neuron growth in the brain resulting in enhanced mental function.

Chocolate’s mental health-enhancing capabilities result from its flavanol and methylxanthine content. Flavanol and methylxanthine in chocolate have been linked to improved depression and anxiety symptoms. So that oh-so-good blissful feeling you get after eating chocolate is not in your head.

You can throw 100% cacao in your smoothies, add cacao nibs to your yogurt, oatmeal, cookies, and shakes. Designer Wellness products are made with high-quality cocoa. Add one serving of any of our chocolate protein powders to your diet to help you meet your daily superfood chocolate goals.
  1. Blueberries
Blueberries are among the most popular superfoods due to their sweet taste, high fiber, lower sugar content, and high density of phytonutrients. Blueberries are thought to contain the most antioxidants of all fruits and vegetables.  These tiny berries are high in anthocyanin, a phytonutrient that gives them that rich purple color. Anthocyanins have medicinal benefits that work synergistically with other nutrients to prevent disease. These petite berries are packed with an antioxidant called pterostilbene, which may inhibit breast cancer and protect against heart disease.

Blueberries are a popular fruit to throw in your Designer Wellness smoothies. Designer Plant has blueberries already in the powder. You can mix blueberries in protein pancakes, bake them into muffins, and top your favorite yogurt. You can find blueberries in our ready-to-grab and go mixed berry Protein Smoothies to make things even easier.  I love snacking on frozen blueberries as a dessert when local berries aren’t in season. Frozen berries are flash-frozen, locking in nutrients commonly lost in transit from far-away farms. Frozen berries also help us slow down how quickly we eat, unless you want brain freeze, helping us with portion control.
  1. Pumpkins seeds
Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, are an excellent source of omega-3, magnesium, fiber, iron, and manganese.  These flat seeds are high in antioxidants, vitamin E, and carotenoids.

Pumpkin seeds are full of iron needed to help transport oxygen throughout the body and prevent iron deficiency anemia. Just one ounce of these super seeds provides you with a quarter of your daily iron requirements.

Research has shown that diets high in pumpkin seeds reduce stomach, breast, lung, and colon cancers.  Pumpkin seed intake has been shown to slow the growth of some cancers, such as prostate cancer. Pumpkin seeds' anit-cancer benefit may be due to its high antioxidant content, with helps reduce inflammation and get rid of free radicals.

Pumpkins are great as part of a trail mix, on top of yogurt or oatmeal, and you can mix them into your favorite muffins or healthy cookies. My favorite way to enjoy pumpkin seeds is alone as my morning snack.
  1. Matcha
Matcha is made of green tea leaves ground into a fine powder. Many of us have heard of the incredible benefits of green tea and now amplify those benefits when consuming matcha. Epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC) is the health-enhancing phytonutrient found in green tea. ECGC  benefits include anti-cancer, weight loss, metabolism-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anticarcinogenic, and anti-aging. ECGC is 137 times higher in matcha than in regular brewed green tea. Catechins found in Matcha have reduced inflammation, prevented DNA damage, and protected the skin from UV radiation damage.

You can enjoy match powder as a latte in the morning, mix in your Designer Smoothie, or mix it into any baked item you’d like. I drink matcha every morning before I start my day. For people like myself, who tend to be sensitive to the high amounts of caffeine in coffee, matcha can be a great substitute for getting your caffeine without overdoing it.
  1. Avocado
Avocados are a superfood loved by most. Avocados are an excellent source of many vitamins, including C, E, K, B6, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and potassium. They are rich in omega-3s, giving them that creamy texture plus anti-inflammatory properties. In about 3 ounces of avocado, there are over 76 milligrams of plant sterol beta-sitosterol. Eating beta-sitosterol has been shown to improve cholesterol and promote heart health. The high lutein and zeaxanthin content of avocados has been shown to protect the eye from UV damage.

Get your avocado on by spreading it on top of toast, adding it into salads, tacos, sandwiches, or mixing it into your Designer Wellness smoothies.
  1. Tart Cherries
Tart cherry juice is packed with anthocyanins and high levels of other polyphenols. Studies have shown tart cherries aid in recovery from strenuous bouts of exercise, promotes sleep, improves exercise performance, and reduces oxidative damage induced by exercise. Tart cherries are rich in melatonin and tryptophan. Melatonin is a hormone released from the pineal gland that controls the wake-sleep cycle, and tryptophan is needed to make melatonin in the body. Eating foods that support melatonin regulation in the body can aid in healthy sleep.

You can use tart cherry juice as your liquid in smoothies, use it as your base in chia seed pudding or simply drink it. Designer Plant has tart cherries in the powder. Use Designer Plant in your shakes and smoothies to help boost your tart cherry intake. One of the most common complaints I get in my practice are people suffering from inadequate sleep, and lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain, uncontrol blood sugars, carbohydrate cravings, and mood disorders. Try drinking tart cherry juice before bed to see if this helps with restful sleep.
  1. Turmeric
Turmeric has been used for medicinal purposes for over 4000 years. There are over 10,000 research studies investigating the health benefits of this incredible root. This beloved anti-inflammatory has been shown to block histamines that cause allergy symptoms and inflammation. Turmeric is actively used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve digestion, reduce pain, and regulate hormones.

Mix turmeric powders in your Designer Wellness shakes and soups, or sprinkle on top of vegetables when cooking. You can also enjoy a nice glass of turmeric tea.
  1. Ginger
Ginger is another root superfood powerhouse. Gingerol is the natural component in the root causing its extraordinary health benefits, including digestion, reduction in inflammation and pain. Ginger has been shown to balance blood sugars and prevent insulin resistance which causes diabetes type two and contributes to weight gain. Ginger has been used to reduce nausea in chemotherapy patients and pregnancy safely. The anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing benefits of ginger have even reduced the pain of menstrual cramps and arthritis.

Try sipping on ginger tea, mixing the ginger powder in your Designer Wellness smoothies, or adding it to baked items like muffins. My favorite way to enjoy ginger and quickly get the benefits of feeling nauseous or achy is to eat it straight as pickled ginger.
  1. Chia seeds
Chia seeds start as lovely tiny crunchy seeds, but once they hit liquid, they can absorb up to 12 times their weight in water, creating a chia seed gel. This gel is nutrient supercharged with omega-3s, phytonutrients, iron, magnesium, calcium, fiber, and antioxidants.  The high fiber content of chia seeds can help manage blood sugars and control hunger, helping you stay fuller longer. Omega-3s in these tiny seeds reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

Add chia seeds to  Designer Wellness smoothies, protein pancakes, breading, and much more.

Whatever meal or snack you’re having it’s easy to add in a superfood to further promote your health and well-being. Try mixing the listed foods with Designer Wellness superfood containing products  Designer Plant, Protein Smoothies, and all chocolate powders for a SUPER superfood.


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