Making Tomorrow Start Today

Making Tomorrow Start Today

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You are one decision away from a totally different life. It’s true. We all have some things we’d like to change that gets put on the back burner for another day, but the truth is once we recognize a change we’d like to make, the best thing is to start in the moment.

Postponing our goals doesn’t serve us. Many of us are notorious for setting goals that start later, and it may start tomorrow, Monday, January 1st, after your birthday,  or after you meet XYZ. The possibilities are endless.

The truth is, the moment you have that idea of what will truly help you make a positive change in your life, it’s time to take action. It does not start tomorrow, and the process begins at that moment.

Here are three keys to moving from “starts tomorrow” to “starts now.”

Start Small

As soon as you have the idea, it’s time to set it in motion. Buy the membership, the book, the plan, start reading, or whatever it is, take the first step. Do not wait for tomorrow to begin the process. If you want to start an exercise program, you don’t have to magically start the whole program as soon as you have the idea. You can start with finding and buying the program, and it all begins with the first step.

Check Your Fears

Many of us have fears that hold us back. It could be fear of failure. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of things you’ll lose by starting your new goal. For example, losing the enjoyment of having your favorite fast-food breakfast sandwich for enjoying your healthier Designer Wellness shake for breakfast.

Take time to list your fears. What are you afraid of by starting this new goal? What will you lose, and what will you gain by creating this change? What means most to you?

“What you fear most has no power. It is the fear that holds the power.”-Oprah. The best way through any fear is to acknowledge it and stare it straight in the face.

Create Accountability

The key to accomplishing goals is creating accountability. This can come in many forms, and what works for some people may not work for others. Creating accountability holds us to our goal and keeps it in the front of our minds, so it doesn’t get pushed to the side by our old habits.

Here is a list of 10 ideas to help create accountability towards health goals. 

  1. Make reservations for appointments for exercise classes, personal training sessions, or Registered Dietitian Nutritionist sessions ahead of time.
  2. Use an app on your phone that sends you daily reminders.
  3. Set the alarm on your phone.
  4. Tell a family member or friend that will hold you accountable.
  5. Put reminders on the refrigerator.
  6. Sign-up for a half marathon, 5k, or marathon.
  7. Book a trip you know you want to be your best version of yourself for, and book another after that!
  8. Check with your insurance plan to see if it has any financial incentives for participating in a wellness plan. (yes, this exists with some plans)

Setting goals and creating change doesn’t have to be complicated. WE make it complicated! Start with these three simple steps to help you move into action. Designer Wellness has what you need to support you in positive health change. Our products are designed with optimal health in mind and to meet every dietary need. Check out our online store to start eating better and staying fueled in 2022. Check out our recipes for protein-packed ideas to keep you full. Our health blogs are packed with excellent research-based info to guide you on your path to ultimate wellness

By Ginger Cochran, MS, RDN, CDCES, CEP-ACSM

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