Whole Egg Powder Powerhouse

Whole Egg Powder Powerhouse

Designer Protein has taken a tried-and-true kitchen staple to the next level with our new Designer Egg protein powder. We have created the first egg protein powder to contain the essential nutrients of both egg white and yolk protein.

"In creating Designer Egg, we are satisfying the need for quality protein with clean ingredients, high protein levels and low caloric content.  Designer Egg is a necessary addition to the market because it contains the vital benefits of egg yolk that cannot be found in any other protein powder," says Shawn Sherwood, VP of Research & Development.

Available in two great-tasting flavors, Designer Egg contains the valuable nutrients of egg whites and yolks without all of the fat, cholesterol and calories—making Designer Egg the perfect way to incorporate eggs into your diet. You can add two scoops to almond milk, shake and go OR throw two scoops in your smoothie. Any way you shake it, you’ll reap the benefits of 24 grams of natural egg white and yolk protein - the equivalent of 3 regular eggs, but 50% less calories, 93% less fat and 98% less cholesterol!*

Designer Egg contains Phospholipids, such as choline and serine, that support the maintenance of cellular function while supporting brain health.Totally Egg is also Paleo-friendly and fits within the Keto diet structure.Designer Egg is clean nutrition with only 6 ingredients as well as 0 grams of sugar and 2 grams of net carbs.

Designer Egg is available online now and in a store near you very soon!

*USDA Food Composition Database, 2017

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