Michelle West

Michelle West

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What is your favorite Designer Protein product(s)?
My favorite was the Whey Isolate Protein Chocolate flavor – But ill just put things I want to try : )

Designer Whey: 100% Whey Protein Powder
– Gourmet Chocolate
– Double Chocolate
Designer Whey: Grass-Fed Advanced Protein Powder
– Chocolate Fudge
Organic Pro 30: Plant-Based Performance Protein Powder
– Chocolate

Why do they choose Designer Protein?
I choose Designer Protein because I was looking for some of the healthiest protein and person could buy. I stumble upon Designer from an article that I read promoting great protein brands and I ever since I’ve purchased, I’ve been a high fan. I love the ingredients, the way it makes me feel, and I truly believe that It has helped me in my journey to build muscle. Not to mention I love the way it tastes! I haven’t purchased another protein since I’ve purchased designer and Ill never switch.

Do you have a favorite go-to Designer Protein recipe?
My favorite go-to Designer Recipe is a Chocolate Banana Smoothie. Just Oatmilk, Bananas, Designer Protien, and some Ice. Sometimes ill add a little strawberry in for Zazz!

Any information you would like to share to promote yourself and/or your business.
I am a Broadway Dancer, Youtuber, and Personal Trainer. I love to encourage and inspire others to live a healthier life by sharing valuable fitness and health information on my YouTube Channel. Otherwise, I’m just a normal girl, who believes in the health and wellness of all people but loves to connect, smile, and have fun.

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