Benefits Of 12 Minute Strength

Benefits Of 12 Minute Strength

The #1 workout that most endurance athletes skimp out on is strength! So many athletes have 30-45min strength programs in their training plans, but they usually skip them. Or they might do 30min of strength 2x per week, and then they fall off, and suddenly two weeks have gone by and they have done no strength. This was me. The first thing to go was my strength training if I needed more time at work, or wanted to just go home and watch Netflix. I would think, ugh, I don’t need that, I need to recover for my run tomorrow, or eeeek, I have a big bike workout tomorrow and I don’t want to be sore. I had every excuse in the book, even though I loved it!

Strength changes the body, not just to make us stronger, but it increases our metabolism, prevents osteoporosis, makes our muscles pop and gives us that long, lean look we so desire, and most importantly helps prevent injuries. Doing 12min every day is the key to reaching your goals, because it’s better than having a few weeks of doing 2-3 30min strength workouts, and then finding yourself doing nothing for a few weeks or even 1 week. Even if you miss a day or two out of 7 of 12min a day, you still have done more than the original 30min strength plans you had planned for the week.

That's why I'm bringing you 12min of strength every day at KatieHartMorse. Do it first thing in the morning. No excuses. (Unless I specify that the exercises should be done after your workout, like if it’s a foam rolling or stretching sesh). Strength training is the best way to prevent injuries and to improve athletic performance. And that's why I'm making it easy for you! Is 12min enough? Absolutely! It all adds up, and something is better than nothing. You got this! Let's make it happen!


Check out Katie's 12 minute strength workouts every #FitFriday until the holidays over on our Instagram (@designerprotein)! To get Katie's daily 12 minute routines, click here.

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