Fueling For Specific Workouts

Fueling For Specific Workouts

I often get asked how to fuel properly for different workouts. Fueling yourself before workouts plays an integral role in how you perform in a workout. Fluids, electrolytes, and fuel are all components of workout nutrition. The timing and the amount you need of each varies depending intensity, duration, and type of the workout.

Pre-workout nutrition is incredibly personalized. Some people can eat minutes before a workout with no issue, others need to be more mindful about the timing and quantity of what they eat. Post-workout nutrition is equally, if not more important, and plays a large part in how well your body recovers and adapts to your workouts.

Here are some guidelines on what to eat before and after different types of workouts:


(Studio cycling, studio treadmill/condition)

What happens in your body when you do a cardio workout: 

You burn available carbohydrates and stored fat if carbohydrates are not readily available

What is important to eat before:

~A mix of easily digestible carbohydrates and a small amount of protein, 20-40 min before workout.

Examples: small Greek yogurt with flavor, small energy/protein bar or shake.

What is important to eat after:

Within 30 minutes of completing your workout, ~16-20oz of water, 20g of protein, 10-40g of carbohydrates depending on your goal. Examples: Protein shake, 3 eggs with a piece of toast, or a smoothie (be aware - most smoothies have way too many carbohydrates and sugars!) I like to make my own with high quality protein powder such as Designer Protein which is low in sugar and chemicals!

Yoga/Hot Yoga

(Flow yoga, power yoga)

What happens in your body when you do a yoga workout: 

Medium intensity cardiovascular exercise, stretching, varying levels of strength training.

What is important to eat before:

Main goal is to stay hydrated, pre-workout nutrition for hot yoga is an optimal ~32oz of water or electrolyte beverage. I stick to Essentia water which is not only loaded with electrolytes, but also has a 9.5 pH.

What is important to eat after:

20-64oz of water depending of how much you sweat. I would still aim for 20g of protein and small amount of carbohydrates, 10-25g.

Strength Training

(Weight lifting, strength-based circuit class)

What happens in your body when you do a strength workout:

Strengthen your muscles, trigger hormonal response

What is important to eat before:

10-15g of protein and 10-25g of carbohydrates

What is important to eat after:

~16-20oz of water, 20g of protein, and 10-25g of carbohydrates

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