Spring Yoga Flow

Spring Yoga Flow

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Dive into Spring with this energetic yoga flow designed to open you up so that you can receive what this new season has in store for you!

The lotus hand mudra is used in this practice as a symbol of purity, new beginnings, and to help open your heart.

energetic yoga flow

1. Begin in a Seated Meditation (Sukhasana) with your hands in lotus at your heart center. Close your eyes and breathe mindfully into your body for 1-3 minutes before you start your physical yoga postures. Conscious breathing reduces stress and energizes the body preparing you for your practice.

Seated Meditation

2. Move into a Low Lunge variation (Anjaneyasana) with your front knee stacked directly over your ankle and your back knee on your mat. Bring your hands to lotus at your heart center. Hold for 3-5 breaths on each side.

Low Lunge variation


3. Find a quadricep stretch by bending your back knee in your low lunge and catching the pinky edge of your back foot. Send your gaze over your top shoulder and open up through your heart. Remember to keep the bend if your front knee. Hold for 3-5 breaths on each side.

quadricep stretch

4. Awaken your hamstrings by moving into Half Split variation (Hanumanasana). From your low lunge, place both palms on the earth or rise to your fingertips. Straighten your front leg and lift all 5 toes off of the earth. Press your hips back and lenghten your chest foward. Hold for 3-5 breaths on each side.

Awaken your hamstrings

5. Open your heart in Camel (Ustrasana). Bring your knees hip-width distance apart and rise to stand on your knees. Keep your toes on the mat and place your palms to your low back to support. Press your hips forward while lifting your chest. Drop your head back to open your throat. Hold for 3 breaths.

heart in Camel

6. End your sessoin in Bound Angle (Baddah Konasana). Take a seat on your mat and bend your knees. Bring the soles of your feet together, open your knees. Either stay seated upright or for a deeper stretch walk your fingertips forward and fold over your feet. Hold for 5-8 breaths.

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