Healthy chocolate cups loaded with banana and protein to make for a snickers tasting crunch are a great way to get your sweet fix without the guilt! No baking, simple ingredients and completely vegan friendly.


Yield 9 cups




1 cup Chocolate, melted

8-10 Dates, pitted and soften

1/4 c Peanuts

1 Banana, ripe mashed

30g Designer Whey Protein Vanilla

2 tbsp Caramel sauce



Prepare a muffin tin with cups.

In a food processor pulse blend together dates and peanuts until well mixed.

In a bowl mix together mashed ripe banana, protein and caramel sauce.

Drop 1-2 tbsp of the melted chocolate into each cup.

Place 1 tbsp of date mixture on top then 1 tbsp of banana filling.

Fill cup with melted chocolate.

Press 1 tbsp down into each of the chocolate chips.

Place in the freezer until set.



Store extras in the fridge or the freezer.


Designer Protein Whey is the best way to add in extra protein to your no bake treats!

  • 20g of natural protein per serving
  • Complete with all the Essential Amino Acids
  • Only 2g of sugar
  • 110 calories per serving
  • 100% daily value of important B-Vitamins
  • Rich in Calcium, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Zinc and Electrolytes for post-workout recovery
  • No artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors or preservatives

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