Healthy Baking Swaps Worth Celebrating For

Healthy Baking Swaps Worth Celebrating For

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The holidays are full of opportunities to over-indulge in delicious sweet treats that can leave you with low energy and a few extra pounds in January. Adding Designer Wellness protein to your recipe along with the simple ingredient swaps below can make your desserts more satisfying, just as delicious, and less likely to pack on the pounds. 


Adding Designer Wellness protein powder to your baked goods can help decrease your hunger hormones, balance your blood sugars, prevent blood sugar crashes, leave you more satisfied, and prevent overeating. Below are the secrets to adding protein powder to your recipes.


1. Instead of white flour, try coconut flour.

2. Swap whole wheat flour for white flour.

3. Instead of whole wheat flour, try oat flour.

4. Swap flour for black beans


1. Instead of shortenings and butter, try pureed fruits like bananas, applesauce, prunes, or avocados.

2. Conversions


1. Use 2 scoops of chocolate  or vanilla Designer Protein Powder instead of ¼ cup of sugar in the recipe

2. Vanilla has a natural sweetness to it. Cut your added sugar by adding more vanilla to your recipe. 

3. Try allulose instead of sugar.


1 Prevent mindless eating while baking.

2. For rice crispy treats, try

3. Swap out peanut butter for powdered peanut butter. This will cut your calories by 80%

3. Cut the cream by using evaporated skim milk

4. Cut sugar by using cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips


1. Cut the calories and fat by swapping out the pie crust for graham crackers

2. Try a date and nut crust instead

Designer Wellness Recipes

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